From Sacred Defense to Sacred Resistance

Morteza Rahmani
Today marks the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the war Imposed by the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein against Iran.

The Untold Story of Iran’s Ship That Never Reached Yemen

“We made Yemen into the top trending news in the world;” says the Iranian journalist who was on board of the cargo ship “Nejat”.

How Should Iran React to Snapback Mechanism Activation?

Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm
The main question is what is Iran’s policy to face the activation of snapback mechanism or what it could be.

Post Arms Embargo Era: Why Would It Be Very Different for Iran?

Mahdi PourSafa
If countries sell arms to Iran freely, the question arises as to why there is a need to maintain sanctions on oil or drug imports?

Why IAEA Report Is Another Winning Card for Iran?

Tehran and Moscow believe that the recent IAEA report will have a positive effect on JCPOA signatories, proving that Iran has constructive ties with IAEA.

US Standoff: Nuclear Deal Parties to Leave Washington Alone

Mohsen Jalilvand
The Trump administration has been waging war on the nuclear deal for years; Iran's presence at the JCPOA Joint Commission meeting in Vienna will be a big game changer.

Abu-Mahdi Missile: Iran Missile Defenses Are a Level Up

Marzieh Motahari
On the same day that “Haj Qasem” missile was unveiled, Iran unveiled a naval cruise missile too which was named after Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.

Iran Shops for Weapons in Moscow, While the US Is Sidelined

Steven Sahiounie
The UN arms embargo on Iran will expire in October, and Iran is now shopping for Russian military hardware, including the S-400. The US suffered a humiliating defeat at the UN on Aug. 14, as they tried to extend the embargo, but found themselves isolated on the global diplomatic stage as Russia and China voted against the extension, and the only country who sided with the US was the tiny Dominican Republic.

"Double Veto” and the Fate of JCPOA Snapback Mechanism

Hadi Khosroshahin
The fate of Snapback mechanism depends on whether the United States will be able to use the double veto power.