Abu-Mahdi Missile: Iran Missile Defenses Are a Level Up

Marzieh Motahari
On the same day that “Haj Qasem” missile was unveiled, Iran unveiled a naval cruise missile too which was named after Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.
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Prior to the unveiling of “Abu Mahdi”, the Iranian Armed Forces possessed a variety of naval cruise missiles with ranges of 25 to 350 kilometers.


These missiles can be fired at the target on sea from a variety of offshore, land and sometimes air platforms, but the new missile has an important feature that is its range of 1000 kilometers, 3 times more than the range of former naval cruise missiles.


Previously, the longest-range anti-ship cruise missiles made in Iran were the "Raad" missile with a range of 350 km and the "Qadir" missile with a range of 300 km; Raad was not widely produced because of its big dimensions that made it impossible to be launched from a ship.



“Abu Mahdi” missile is completely similar in appearance to the Hoveyzeh missile.


land attack cruise missile: “Ya Ali, Sumar, Hoveyzeh”


“Abu Mahdi” increased the range of Iranian anti-ship missiles to 1000 km, increasing Iran’s ability to defend its shores against the enemy’s ships up to 3 times.

In “Abu Mahdi” missile a version of the Tolou turbojet is used that has for long been used in Karrar drones and Noor, Qader, and Ghadir cruise missiles.

Due to the appropriate thrust control capabilities of this type of engine and the presence of sufficient fuel that can be placed in the larger fuselage of the new cruise missile, as well as the type of wings, the Abu Mahdi missile can fly at a variety of speed ranges.


The wings of this missile come out from inside the fuselage


The high range of this missile and the use of advanced navigation systems make it possible to be launched from a greater depth of the country in those missiles that are fired from shores, making it difficult for the enemy to find the launchers before firing. In addition, these two features make it possible for the Abu Mahdi missile to choose different routes to reach a target and even attack the enemy ship from the opposite side.



Because the Abu Mahdi missile is actually a generation of surface-to-air cruise missiles, it has enough flying capabilities to fly at low altitudes and close to the water level, aided by radar altimeters.

In addition, the missile can start flying closer to the water at a greater distance from the target compared to previous anti-ship models, due to having more fuel, and this helps the missile hide from some of the enemy’s detection sensors.


Abu Mehdi missile moments after firing and before the opening of its stabilizing fins and main wings; the user interface screen of the missile is also visible


Ranges of anti-ship missiles assuming that they are launched from Chabahar: 350 km (yellow circle), 700 km (black circle) and 1000 km (red circle)