Why Europe Joined US BLM; Form BBC Journalist Explains

Mostafa Afzalzadeh
Former BBC journalist Tony Gosling discusses his doubts about the Black Lives matter and says it is strange that the demonstration has been taking place in his country and Europe.
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In an Intervie with Parsi Policy, former BBC journalist Tony Gosling discusses his doubts about the Black Lives matter and says it is strange that the demonstration has been taking place in his country as they have no police brutality.


Q: Many people of color, have been killed recently in the United States but they did not have the reaction of people like what happened to George Floyd. Why?

You have to draw some parallels with the Black Panthers from the 1960s because although there is a great deal of difference between racism in establishment in the United States in the 1960s and today, it is not the first time this has happened.


Now it's known that there was a lot of manipulation of Black Panthers by the FBI, and I think the same is true today. OK, so you have to examine Black Lives Matter. What is this organization? So Black Lives Matter is deliberately funded. It is a funded organization and those that provide the funds decide who grounds the organization. What it will do is it will basically swamp any grass roots anti-apartheid movement. And any grass roots anti-apartheid movement in this country as has happened in the past, it is likely to start pointing the finger at Israel, because of the racism in Israel.


We have a presidential election coming and this is very much dividing the society along the lines of two main candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. So, there is a potential to use organizations like Black Lives Matter for Political purposes and also to make sure that they do not go down the road of criticizing apartheid Israel.


Q: So from what I understand the protests and the real protests of people is not going to go anywhere in United States. Is that right?

One thing I can tell you, I've never seen so many news channels here in the UK advertising demonstrations. I mean I have organized demonstrations myself and you'll never get the television doing the advertising for you.


Q: When I was the speaking with American friends of mine they said the same thing is happening in the United States, TV is covering everything and doing the same thing actually.

It's not so much covering. The point to make here is advertising the demonstrations three or four days before they happen. I mean I have never seen this on TV here before. 


Q: So, why is this happening?

 You have good demonstrations, you have bad demonstrations. We had anti-lockdown demonstration in London two weeks or so ago which was covered in a very negative way by the press. This latest demonstration, the last couple of weekends, there has been a lot of advertising and the news for the demonstration beforehand. It seems to me that obviously some people want those demonstrations because it will highlight particular agendas in the road to the US Presidential elections.


Q: What about UK?

The British Police are not armed, a very soft policing generally here but this to me, is very alarming to see a demonstrators chanting something which really is not relevant in this city "Hands up, Don't shoot". That is what they were chanting as they were marching along.  So to me there is a certain amount, I think you're going to be quite careful here, there is a certain amount of manipulation of the street demonstrations by those who are funding the organization, Black Lives Matter.


 And very importantly, they will be steering it. I have seen some of these people, I have met some of these people. They are not interested in the whole Israel situation; even though we have got a very serious apartheid going on there, and extreme forms of racism. This is a single issue; it seems to be around the police and black people in Britain and America.


Q: I still don't understand why the demonstrations has expanded to European countries, especially Britain, Germany, and France. What do you think the reason is? And why the media are advertising these demonstrations?

First of all, why is the media advertising the demonstrations? It is because they are good demonstrations, a bit like good terrorists or bad terrorists. So you get freedom fighters or terrorists. This fits our agenda or this doesn't fit our agenda.


Second, why are these demonstrations taking place at all, in Brisrol say for example? So in my city, I am amazed to see a demonstration like this as we don't have a problem with police racism. The police have dealt very well with the racists. There is a really problem I don't think with racism in the city so I have no idea why we have these demonstrations.


I think it is more the real problem that needs addressing is poverty.  And that is something that is suffered by white and black and every color. But having a Black Lives Matter demonstration actually serves the purpose of being divisive. So it is not about poverty anymore; it is about black versus white. So I think what it is doing it is effectively doing two things.  I believe it is an attempt to stop proper anti-apartheid movement because they really are controlling the racist agenda in the city. I think they are also taking a lot of support that might otherwise go to the normal grass roots anti-poverty campaigns, too. But you see, these are the groups the anti-apartheid groups and anti-poverty groups that don't get the funding. Black Lives matter gets the funding. And I think it is really part of US empire agenda so Britain is just part of the US Empire now.


Thank you very much for your time.