Why Democrats Are Supporting Protesters Now; American Analyst Explains

Mostafa Afzalzadeh
American activist says the democrats are blatantly calling on people to protest and urging all of their supporters to go out and protest.
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Caleb Maupin, American activist and political analyst, says that the democrats blatantly are calling on people to protest and urging all of their supporters to go out and protest and be in the streets in order to remove Trump from the office.

He also criticizes the media for not covering what really happens in the streets and ignoring the deaths.  

Here is the full text of his interview with Parsi Policy:

Q: Some people suggest that US recent demonstrations are fabricated and done by anti-Trump people specially to prevent him being elected next year. what do you think?

Well they started out just completely spontaneous. It was kind of a despoiled anger about a killing in Minneapolis but it became pretty clear that there were sections in the American establishment that thought they were useful and helping backstage for removing Donald Trump so there has been very vocal support for these protests.


Normally when a protest like this would happen the republicans would be defending the police and the democrats would offer consolation to make more peace between the police and the neighborhoods. Currently, we have the democrats blatantly calling on people to protest, you know its urging all of their supporters to go out and protest and be in the streets. Normally they would respond to this by just trying to calm the situation but this situation they are intensifying because they want to remove Trump.


Q: Trump had harsh reactions. Why do you think he is being so much aggressive defending the police and threatening the protesters?

Trump has looked at how he was elected in the first place and there are certain states that are pivotal in winning the election and the Electoral College, states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, with those states he can win the election and in those states there are a lot of older people that are elderly that associate Donald Trump, with the America that is slipping away, the America of the cold war, the prosperous industrial middle class.


Trump is tough on the protesters, pretending he is standing up for these old people against protesters, telling there is this mob of scary black people out in the streets that are going to violently attack them and he is going to send in the army, it’s what the voters who will decide the election would like to see.


 Q: Tell us about the situation in US now, are the clashes violent or peaceful?

It’s happened in a number of places. If this protest were happening in any other country the media would immediately begin the body count and telling us how many people have been killed.


You might not have heard that in Omaha, Nebraska there was a protester who was shot in the back of his head. Someone ran out of the store, jump on top of them, put on a gun to the back of his head and killed him.


There were protesters in Detroit and someone drove up to the demonstration with their gun and opened fired on the protest and killed one protester and injured many others.


In Lexington, Kentucky protesters were shot and killed and the police said that they were being shot at -though there is no evidence-. The police opened fire on the crowd and killed at least one person. There have been many instances around the country where we’ve seen the police opened fire on the protesters but that’s getting no coverage from the media.


Q: We know that many are armed in US, are there any violent attacks from the people?

There are a number of people in the country who are charged with blowing up police cars but many demonstrators say these are not actions of the protesters these are actions of the police.


It is very weird; the media is covering the protests but it is not covering the deaths. There have been a number of deaths from both police officers who have been killed and from protesters around the country and the media will cover it for about two minutes and then it will move on and change the subject. They want to focus on the narrative and they don’t want to talk about the deaths count.


 I think there is a fear that if they point out police, protesters or officers are being killed that will intensify and make others doing the same thing.


In New York City, where I live, they are arresting people and not charging them with crime, they are holding them without charges and the hope is to hold them in the jail so they don’t go out and protest anymore.